In the beginning . . .

In the beginning, there was a garden. It probably didn’t look like this.
potential garden

So maybe, since it is spring and I am starting a (minimalist) garden, this is a good day to start the first the BASICS blog.

Here are a couple of pictures of what I am starting with.  Will update photos as garden progresses.  I would like to build raised beds, but not this year. For this year the “garden” will be mostly veggies in containers.


I went to buy seedlings but they were expensive, so my daughter-in-law is going to give me some starts. And my husband and I bought some seeds.

Pre-seed prep work:

  • cut down weeds – done
  • put weed guard cloth down – that’s not the right name, and it’s not done yet
  • buy bark dust and borrow Jim’s manpower and truck – to do over Memorial Day
  • buy good dirt – to do
  • fill containers and plant seeds – to do
  • weed fence area for squash – all I remember about squash is that it likes to be planted in  little mounds and I remember by father planting it next to our garage in Detroit

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