It Doesn’t Hurt to Give a Tweet

Give a Tweet is a relatively new Twitter application (beta) to encourage Twitter users to donate to non-profit organizations and/or match the donations of others. I don’t see a downside to experimenting with this approach to soliciting donations. While there is a little labor required by non-profits to set up (“claim”) and monitor the account, most of the administrative details, including the delivery of donations to your nonprofit are handled directly by Network for Good.

Give a Tweet was founded to leverage the real-time power of Twitter to make it easy to donate to non-profits. Give a Tweet wants to enhance the donations received by helping individuals and companies promote the non-profits that they support by matching donations from friends and strangers! The original donation gets a boost, the matcher gets the kudos and the charities benefit all around.”

Because the Give a Tweet application is fairly new, it may take a while before it is widely adopted and/or perceived as a valid donation vehicle.

There is no financial commitment required.
Administration of actual donations is provided by Network for Good.
You may be able to raise money for your non-profit via an already established social network channel – your Twitter account.

4.75% fee for collecting and disbursement of donations.

There is a potential to partner with or find donors who will match your Give a Tweet donations.
Followers of your twitter account can be encouraged to donate on your Give a Tweet page and to send their followers to your page to make donations.
Businesses (especially small businesses) that donate or match can benefit by getting exposure for their philanthropy via Twitter.

A human vets your claim to set up a non-profit page.
Donations are collected via a secure donation form provided by Network for Good.
All donations go directly to your mailing address or can be directly deposited in your account.

Set Up
Login using the official Twitter account for the organization and “Claim” your organization. This goes thru a (human) verification process. Once the Twitter account is linked you can login, set up and edit your information organization’s info on
Directing followers to the Give a Tweet page. Attracting and nurturing followers willing to donate and/or match the donations of other followers. Checking Network for Good admin console and reporting on donations.
Tax Receipts
Tax donation receipts are sent by Network for Good.
Your organization does need to send an additional receipt.
Network for Good disburses all successful donations made through the Give a Tweet site on the 15th of each month.

Three Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Give a Tweet
Sample:Give a Tweet Announcement
Sample: Give a Tweet Page
Give a Tweet: How Small Businesses Can Generate Buzz on Twitter Through Philanthropy and Cause Marketing
Give a Tweet on Facebook


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