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Community Gardens

June 28, 2009

Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation Community Gardens

VancouverClark Community Grown Gardening


Gardening Quote from My Friend John

June 21, 2009

A Mystic Garden; Working with Soil, Attending to Soul
by Gunilla Norris. New York: Bluebridge [Press], 2006
From her introduction:

To have a garden, even a small one, is a great privilege. Working with soil, with seeds and plants I find I must live a different kind of
time. Growth, both inner and outer, has its own rhythm, and if I am to really be present I must be with organic time, with seasonal changes, with weather and waiting, with hard work and trust, and with disappointment and surrender. I know in the end that while I garden I am the one who will be cultivated. It will be my inner soil that will be worked. I will be the one pruned and weeded. If there is any integration, peace, and fruitfulness, it will come by grace.

Photo from John's Garden

Photo from John's Garden

Everything’s Coming Up . . . ROSES!

June 10, 2009

Garden Update

June 10, 2009

veg_pots “After” photo.  Too bad that it looks like I am growing bark dust!

There are about nine pots (all the pots I had) planted with veggies.
I cheated on the pot that actually has tomato plants showing; I bought two plants on sale at Freddy’s. Otherwise growing from seed.
Basil – has not even broken the ground
Radishes & Beets – radishes are making leaves (but I am afraid of thinning)
Tomato starts from Alanya – surviving
Peppers – no shows, at least for now
Cauliflower starts – seem to have bitten the dust

In the beginning . . .

May 19, 2009

In the beginning, there was a garden. It probably didn’t look like this.
potential garden

So maybe, since it is spring and I am starting a (minimalist) garden, this is a good day to start the first the BASICS blog.

Here are a couple of pictures of what I am starting with.  Will update photos as garden progresses.  I would like to build raised beds, but not this year. For this year the “garden” will be mostly veggies in containers.


I went to buy seedlings but they were expensive, so my daughter-in-law is going to give me some starts. And my husband and I bought some seeds.

Pre-seed prep work:

  • cut down weeds – done
  • put weed guard cloth down – that’s not the right name, and it’s not done yet
  • buy bark dust and borrow Jim’s manpower and truck – to do over Memorial Day
  • buy good dirt – to do
  • fill containers and plant seeds – to do
  • weed fence area for squash – all I remember about squash is that it likes to be planted in  little mounds and I remember by father planting it next to our garage in Detroit