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Giving More – With a Little Help from My Friends

March 15, 2010

For the Food Bank

My husband and I spend about 10% of our grocery bill on food for the food bank. With a little help from my online friends, I’ve been learning how to get more food for less and stretch our donation dollars.

It was extra rewarding to shop for the food bank on Friday, thanks to Penny Experiment and Thrifty NW Mom. Penny Experiment encourages people to shop for food banks using coupons in order to spend less and give more (they have other advocacy programs too) and Thrifty NW Mom publishes coupons for stores in our area.

Normally, we take a reusable bag, our “food bank” bag, to the store on Friday. This Friday we filled the food bank bag plus a bonus food bank bag – $34.20 worth of cereal, granola bars, and fruit snacks for $10.70! I am not an avid couponer – but I am certainly willing to learn more to give more. Thanks Penny Experiment and Thrifty NW Mom for helping us step up our game!


Six chickens can help feed a family all year round

February 4, 2010

My friend has three chickens; and they are producing about 18 eggs a week. I am becoming a believer in the power of chickens! Obviously, not all of us can raise chickens (I know my neighbors, dog and cat would not much like the idea). But, as an alternative, we can support families by “gifting” chickens through Concern Worldwide

photo of chicken

Egg Provider

Walk & Knock – Saturday, December 5th, 2009

August 6, 2009

Walk & Knock

Walk & Knock

Planning is going on now for the 25th annual Walk & Knock food drive, taking place Saturday, December 5th.

An all-volunteer one day event, Walk & Knock gets results – last year volunteers collected over 141 tons of food for the Clark County Food Bank Coalition.

See what you can do to help fill food pantry shelves. Volunteer your time or make a donation today at the Walk & Knock website.