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Gardening Quote from My Friend John

June 21, 2009

A Mystic Garden; Working with Soil, Attending to Soul
by Gunilla Norris. New York: Bluebridge [Press], 2006
From her introduction:

To have a garden, even a small one, is a great privilege. Working with soil, with seeds and plants I find I must live a different kind of
time. Growth, both inner and outer, has its own rhythm, and if I am to really be present I must be with organic time, with seasonal changes, with weather and waiting, with hard work and trust, and with disappointment and surrender. I know in the end that while I garden I am the one who will be cultivated. It will be my inner soil that will be worked. I will be the one pruned and weeded. If there is any integration, peace, and fruitfulness, it will come by grace.

Photo from John's Garden

Photo from John's Garden